Asshole driven development…

Scott Berkun writes about this brand new method. Actually I do belive that it is used quite often even if nobody knows that they execute this methodology.

Diese News-Meldung ist unvollständig, einseitig und tendentiös…

Alvar posted an interesting discussion thread in the heise news ticker.

Actually my personal opinion is that Perl is much better then I expected. All perl teams performed really really good and impressed me a lot. ( what you can’t say about all Java teams… ). So - Perl is not that bad, yes. And Perl can be used also for serious web applications, yes.

But still I do believe that PHP has some advantages, and if this is only the backup through a fully commercial company whereas Alvar is just working on his own.

For sure I could find some arguments why PHP is better and blablabla…

Fact is - all PHP solutions had implemented more functionality in the contest. And if you take into account that all PHP Teams where handcoding the results ( some used ZEND Framework but this is more a component collection then a real framework ) - and on the other side AFAIK all perl teams used comprehensive frameworks, auto generating files, using ORM and not writing SQL by hand … think about it - then the performance in terms of implemented functionality is even higher.

What would have happend if a PHP team would have used also a real framework. Take for example symfony. Next time I will try it…

Plat Forms done…

So, Marco, Tomas and me won the Plat_Forms contest in the PHP Area. Interesting is, that I expected to be the worst ;) - actually what I tried to do is focus on developing in a professional way, fully documented and tested instead of going into functionality.
The results show that our performance was more or less the same ( in terms of working and testable functionality ) then the other teams - even if some luck was involved as the ZEND team was very unlucky and created nearly at the end of the contest one single bug which made the whole SOAP interface not useable.

This again prooves that using Agile methods, including unit testing etc. does NOT decrease the teams performance.

Interesting isn’t it ?

BTW I have to state here that all PHP teams were really good. The performance was more or less the same it was pure luck that we won, that’s all.

If you are interested in the full results you can find them here.

Ah - what I want to state here very clearly is - where are the teams from .NET, ruby, phython and all the other languages ? 2007 they did not participate because there where not enough qualified teams - hey come on - at least .NET there are MANY good teams around. So next time attend - and loose :D

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